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Let's Make Magic~

Feel the right vibe with the work you saw? Are you based out of Brooklyn or want to work remotely? Have a project or collaboration in mind? Feel free to reach out to me! I would love to hear from you. ✨

Schedule some time for a mini virtual hangout or we can get right into it and talk about your project. 

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Floral Styling

Branding • Art Direction • Illustrations

Art Direction • Set Design

Floral Styling

Branding • Illustrations

Art Direction • Set Design • Personal Project

Art Direction • Floral Styling • Set Design


©2020 Ylimay Zavala your new favourite art director & designer. 

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Ylimay is an Art Director, Brand Designer, Stylist & overall do'er based out of Brooklyn, New York. She creates unique worlds inspired by the magic of nature and of harmonious chaos.

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